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Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy    JOINDONATE

History of LWV Rockland County

History of the LWV Rockland County


  • 1940s – The first league to form in Rockland was in Nyack. It was started by the actress Helen Hayes.Photo of LWV of Rockland County women holding league banner celebrating sufragettes
  • Became part of the Clarkstown/Orangetown League which had been formed in 1951.
  • 1966 – Town of Ramapo worked on Planning and Zoning
  • Late 1960’s – Joined the UN in a study of China
  • 1973 – Merged with Town of Ramapo League to become the Tri-Town League.
  • 1979 – The North Rockland League (Stony Point and Haverstraw) started in1969 merged with Tri- Town to become the Rockland County League.
  • 1995 – 75th anniversary of the 19th Amendment. RCLWV was active on the Commission on Women’s issues and led a parade dressed as Suffragists.


A major issue that the League undertook was the governance of Rockland County.

  • The County of Rockland consists of 5 towns. Historically, each was governed by a town supervisor. They met periodically to determine county affairs.
  • Since the population varied widely between the towns (Stony Point approx.11,000, Ramapo over.70,000) the Rockland League determined that this was inequitable and that change was needed.
  • They took the case to the US Supreme Court charging that the situation denied the right of one-person-one vote. The League won the case in 1971 and the County Legislature was established. It consists of 17 members, based on population.


  • Establishing district courts A county-wide police force Education Affordable housing Criminal Justice
  • Our greatest success, after many attempts, was the passage of a County Charter in 1984. Rockland County now has a legislature and a county executive, elected at large every 4 years. The towns continue to have their own supervisors and town councils for local affairs.